Mar 18, 2009

Another day . . .

. . . another . . . . another . . . another, well, not another dollar unless it is a dollar spent. It was a busy day. Got them all ready and mailed all my swaps off. Post office trip, car washed, banking done, Target trip, Staples trip, Micheals trip, grocery store trip, neighbor visits made to deliver extra shamrock plants, home in time for pool people to come and work on our hot tub, dinner cooked, load of laundry done, desk cleaned, trash emptied, floor vacuumed, and one little ATC made!

Bird Keeper ATC

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 3/18/09
ATC collage using body and bird from, face from public domain, wings from jackandcatcurio, scrap trims, rubber stamping, all on a watercolored background

With birds on my mind, I will mention that tomorrow is the day the swallows are supposed to return to San Juan Capistrano. Incredibly, the swallows leave Argentina around the 19th of February and make the 7500 mile flight in just 30 days. This fascinates me. How do they know when to leave and when to arrive? I wish I had such a clock in my head and such a sense of direction that I could find my way over 7500 miles and arrive on time to anywhere!

My internal clock is telling me it is time for bed. I hope it wakes me up in the morning.


Tace said...

God golly woman, I think the ONLY thing you didn't have in your incredibly long list of things you did was play Wii snowboarding. HA! And you know why? Because I kindly took that little "to do" off your hands! I did donate stuff to Goodwill though and also I made and ate french fries so....that's like a full day right there and I'm not gonna feel guilty after reading your chore ;)

di from di-did-it said...

What a productive day! That's gotta feel good to get all the done.
Love the blue wings & blue bird on the ATC. Didn't know that about the swallows ~ you're educational as well as talented! :)

roc said...

what a busy day you had! whew. i'm tired from just reading that list. and you would be nice if you had a clock in your head...then it might not be empty! haha..ok i'm dying laughing and out loud. no wonder my family thinks i'm nuts! yeah...i keep myself amused.

Kim Mailhot said...

Phew...that God everyday is not like that !
Love the little bird keeper.

Here's to listening to our internal clocks as often as possible !They take us where we are supposed to go...;-)

Leslie said...

Thanks for mentioning the swallows returning to Capistrano's nice to be reminded of such wonder in the world first thing in the morning!

I just adore your bird keeper. The blues are indescribable! I'm liking the direction you're going with your new backgrounds!

Joy Logan said...

These are so adorable! Do you enhance them at all in photo programs? LOVE UM!

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Thanks everybody! No, Joy, I don't usually do anything digitally, sometimes sharpen or increase contrast but I hand-color with powder pastels, colored pencils, and sometimes markers then carefully cut out. I like the layers and depth to hand-cut collages more than digital collages.

kentboy said...

Hey, In Ohio bored and wishing I was wrapped around you in Eagle Rock.

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