Mar 13, 2009

Why is it . . .

. . . that when you have money you can't find anything you want to buy and when you don't have money you spend too much? And, why does it always pour when it rains? And, more importantly, why is it that when I have oodles of time to make art I can't think of anything and when I'm supposed to be doing a million other things I can't pull myself away from it? And, maybe even most important of all, why DOES the dryer make socks disappear?

Be Yourself

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 3/13/09
5 x 7 collage using a body from, face from my buddy Suzan at thrifty collage artist, wings used with a license agreement from Butterfly Utopia, and various scraps, all arranged on a wantercolored and ink drawn background.

Okay, I HAVE to get to work on the soccer party tomorrow! Have a GREAT weekend, again.


roc said...

oh my gawd...i'm giggling and giggling with your posting! ain't it all the truth?!?!! TOO flippin funny.

Patti said...

trouble with backgrounds? flat? no fizz? I'm glad I stumbled across your blog because someone needs to tell you that you've got it all going on!
Oh, and the sock gremlin and lid lizard (you know, all those plastic containers that never match up with the lids) are in cahoots!
come visit sometime - I'm doing my first Art House project - the visual/canvas encyclopedia. yikes!

MaryEllen said...

Wow... you did get your groove back girl! I love love love the new pieces. And to think, they were "there" all along.
Your blog is always so much fun to read, your art so dazzling, outrageously fun and a feast for the eyes. ...I think feel my own creativity stirring again! thanks!

Tace said...

I always thought the dryer makes socks disappear because of a latent, deep seeded need for revenge. Years of having people's laundry stuffed in it's mouth lead to some pretty harsh feelings.
This is a fact.
Stuff a sock in any one's mouth and observe, scientifically of course, their reactions. Chances are after the initial bewilderment and curiosity about sock flavor wears off the person shall grow disgruntled.
Dryers are no different. Occasionally chewing out it's frustration on hapless socks and the occasional mitten. Anger heating up like the air inside, emotions tumbling like clean laundry, it will latch on to the occasional innocent sock, who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and shred it into dryer lint. A relatively small price to pay for getting to shove our laundry in their mouths day after day after year after decade.
I love this fairy, the background is really cool. I have a particular fondness for those roundy little white dot things in the random patches. If they were a flavor it would be marshmallow!

Gaby Bee said...

Marsha , just saw your last few posts, your creations are simply amazing! You have such a unique style. It's so much fun visiting your Blog :-)
Have a wonderful weekend!
Gaby xo

Hayley Egan said...

Awesome idea Marsha!!! Let's do food self portraits!!

Hayley Egan said...

Love your backgrounds and nothing is lacking anything from this end... although I understand your frustration, I'm also in a bit of a period....

Flippinpest said...

I love this art piece and I agree with your comments whole heartedly. When I want something new to wear, there is NOTHING in the shops either lol

Alberta and Ava said...

Girl! You weren't in a slump; you were just exhausted and justifiably so. I have a little something, someting for you on my blog (see detailed mushy explantion there, and I mean every last word< thank you for your humor, your comraderie, your encouragement, your irreverence, and, most of all, your inspiration.


Jill said...

Hi Marsha! Your newest pieces are fabulous. I love the bgs, colors, images...everything. Have a great weekend.

somepinkflowers said...

just popped in because
i love to look around
and Really Love
to click on the time to post


{{ i just love that part,
that glitch part
that helps
make your blog ~*Special*~ }}


i am older
so i know these things:

the socks do NOT disappear,
they just Go On Vacation
until you finally throw away the lone twin.

trust me,
they do.

Terri Kahrs said...

OMG! You're the Erma Bombeck of the art community!
Love you LOTS!
Terri :) xoxo

Cathy Mendola aka pinkbirdgirl said...

I agree with Terri! Your are Erma Bombeck reincarnated! I soooo agree with you on everything though...
Especially the having money but can't find anything you want and having time for art but can't think of anything to create and really most importantly the dryer eating the socks!
Your most recent piece is wonderful.
The background is fantastic. I want to see more ink and watercolor drawings from you!
Have a great weekend!
hugs and welcome back!

bockel24 said...

You´re SO right, I really had to laugh about your post!

whymsicalmusings said...

Oh Marsha I really understand about catching up on your blog! I have so many wonderful friends and comments some days it feels like I am lost in Internet land!
I love your way of thinking and your artwork always inspires me.
I am so glad you bookmarked the Artchix site they have so many wonderful things and so much to do and see.
Have a magical weekend!
And I don't know where the socks go in the dryer I have come to the conclusion the dryer faerie needs them!

artist victoria o'neill said...

hey i just wrote a whole piece on losing things on my blog. hey i love your blog heading!

mary schweitzer said...

Your work makes me smile! The colors and background details are amazing!