Mar 11, 2009

I feel I am always saying thank you!

. . . and here I am again. I am sure receiving a lot more than I am giving. My bucket should be running over, I am so blessed with all of you dear friends. You all are the BEST buds a girl could have.

I really am okay - no stresses really, just as blah as blah can be and so far from feeling creative, I don't know just how I'll find my way back but I am sure I will eventually. So, I am giving myself permission to take a few more days off. We built the fences last week and had lots of company to help and get ready for that while still suffering from the flu. This weekend we have two high school soccer teams and their parents coming over for a cook out and Sunday we HAVE to do our taxes. So, yeah, I have been distracted and remain so. Maybe next week when the plates have been emptied of all the things I don't want to do and have to anyway, I will lure the muses back with what my heart really wants, it just doesn't know it.

Thank you, Cathy Mendola aka pinkbirdgirl for the lovely award. I am glad you mentioned it because I might have missed going back and finding it. I do appreciate your thoughtfulness and for being my new buddy too. It is really a lift I needed today. (I will accept it more formally and with proper protocol soon) I am really quite impressed you, any of you, have stuck with me these last few very personal non-art weeks but then I feel bad for being impressed. Should I not have expected that you are all genuine friends? You are all true blue. I will be back in action, I promise! I love you all more than you could know! You make my heart sing and my face smile.


roc said...

thank you. there. now you aren't always the one saying it!

House of Hullabaloo said...

I guess you have been under the weather. Get out from under it and create! I've been sick too. Snotty noses aren't very inspiring are they?

Hope you're better soon!


Cathy said...

we miss you. maybe after this weekend you can pick a small swap or trade where you only need to make 1 item and then start getting your groove back.
i just finally got our taxes ready to go to the preparer yesterday. it feels good to have that off of my shoulders. try it :)
thank you for posting; thank you for making great art; thank you for being you!