May 5, 2009

Another custom piece

Love Boat (what a perfect (well, almost as perfect as mine) husband and dad that's been working with me. This is for his lovely wife - hope she doesn't look on my blog. I don't know if it's a surprise or not.)

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 5/05/09
This is a 5 x 7 collage using faces from a private photograph, man's body from, woman's body and wings from, crown from, boat, man's hat, and water from the public domain, and the boots were scanned from a magazine picture. The faces, skin, boat, water, and wings were all hand-colored. All of the pieces were arranged on a sky background from flickr's Joes Sistah.

Well, it's been a good day of work. I still have some trades to work on and when they are done in the next day or two, I am going blog partying, visiting everyone I've missed this week. I have gotten so much art in the mail lately from some very kind, generous, and talented folks. It is like Christmas around here. I will post all I've received along with some blog awards later this week. I had a bright idea. When I am stuck in the hospital with my dad in a couple of weeks, I will be doing some artist features and boy, will I be blog hopping then.


Terri Kahrs said...

Another piece of fabulous-ness!!! Adjectives like superlative, outstanding and awesome just aren't doing it any more! Neither does Woo-Hoo or Yippee!!!

You just keep raising the artistic high bar, Ms. Tumblefish!!! Standing "O" today!!! Hugs xoxoxo

Becky Brown said...

I am adoring the last three pieces you've posted! I agree with Terri - you seem to be stretching and raising that artistic bar. I'm so proud!

Cha Cha

Gaby Bee said...

This is a fantastic piece.I agree with Cha-Cha, the last three pieces you've posted are fabulous also!
Gaby xo

indybev said...

I think you've found your niche with these custom pieces, Marsha. I've no doubt you'll be getting more requests than you can fill!!! It's wonderful to see your talent being appreciated! You go girl!!

roc said...

love your love boat art! they are going to love it so much. that was really thoughtful of you to do.
i'll miss you while you are gone!

Kim Mailhot said...

This is so awesome ! She will love love love it !

You are pretty amazing there, Miss Marsha !
Happy Wednesday !

Leslie said...


aliceinparis said...

Another terrific piece. Another thrilled customer I'm sure!!

Unknown said...

Marsha she will LOVE IT!!!! As always simply wonderful.

I will be thinking about you at the hospital with your Dad. Keeping you in my prayers for a speedy recovery on his part.

I have been so busy I feel so behind on blog checking also. Trying to get a few in today and you are on the top of that list!

Cindy said...

Wicked cute! :D


Jill said...

Hi Marsha! Your recent art pieces are just fab!! I don't know why sometimes I feel a Monty Python vibe--but I love how all your different elements work so harmoniously together! I'm sorry I don't have more time to comment each time you post, but know that I'm out there blurking every chance I get! Luckily work has not blocked blogs!! :)

Cathy Spivey Mendola said...

Just a quick little post to let you know I'm alive and well. I'm still trying to get caught up on chores/errands after being gone.
You commissioned pieces are FABULOUS! Kudos!
I want to come back when I have more time to finish reading the "Beauty"
post and put 'my 2 cents worth' in!
I'll be back when the mountain of laundry is done....

Ann-Denise Anderson said...

Hi Marsha! I love em" So colorful and fun! Hope all is well!
xoxo, Ann-Denise

Kris Dickinson said...

So fun! I love this whimsical and humorous piece!