May 12, 2009

Good Morning!

Today's miscellany . . . . My head cold has moved to my chest and I'm starting to feel it in my body a bit today, so I am going to take it easy. Also, one of my nutty big ol' dogs, Scout, ran into a sprinkler chasing the UPS truck up and down the fence row and has a huge gash in his leg. My hubby is off to take him to the vet but I will be dog sitting today to make sure he doesn't lick it and stays quiet.

I just wanted to say hi and tell you that I am going to do image research today and not a lot of writing or working otherwise. Did you like my Mother's Day award joke? Our good family friend, Kim, sent it to me yesterday and I just had to share. I knew it wasn't really about me but I thought for one split second some other Marsha Jorgensen must have got the award and . . . then I finally caught on. I am very gullible. I probably shouldn't tell you that as you might take advantage of it as my brother and husband and son and every other teasing type soul takes full advantage of.

Notes on my artistic adventure . . . . I am going to start this little section of some posts so if you want to avoid me blabbering on about my thought process as an artist, you can. Don't feel obligated to read or comment. It's just my sending out into the cyber world my miniscule little thoughts about my art life.

Thank you for all of the kind comments on The Attic. I have thrown myself on a slippery slope. I have been so taken with digital collage work lately I am desperately trying to find a way to use digital backgrounds and hand cut images together. There is just something about the subtle edges of cut collage work that I am not ready to let go of - the depth or layers even though it is itty bitty, the hand-made quality, the feeling of handling the image more with my own fingers. Yet, I love the magic I have seen people create in digital work. So, I've just started trying to make digitally layered backgrounds. That is my first baby step. I will probably work on this and still hand cut and color the main images and see if I can marry the two for awhile. The slippery slope is this . . . now I feel I have to put my main images in a more realistic setting - can't just let them float on an empty simple flat background. And, I don't know how to make the digital settings any better than I have ever been able to make a background - you know this isn't my strong suit. Photoshop is not at all easy for me to figure out - I mean I have no idea what I'm doing. So, once again, my head is spinnning and I don't know how to work or in which direction I want to try next. Part of me wants to set it all aside and make something completely different for myself. Thus the image and art research today.

Before I leave these notes, I must tell you this. I just opened my May/June Somerset for the first time this morning. I had heard from some of you I was in it. I never received a voucher or free magazine from them this time so I finally found it and bought my copies. I couldn't bring myself to open it, which is silly, I know. I flipped corners until I caught a glimpse and then bookmarked the page and had my family look without me. I just really didn't want to know what my pieces looked like amongst the others. I already didn't like my work, and again, was a bit embarrassed and surprised they made it in. So anyway, I finally opened it, trying to avoid my page. Don't get me wrong, I am very honored to be published again. You may wonder why I send them in if I am learning I will end up hating them being published . . . I am trying to figure that out. I think at the time I make them, I feel they are the best I can do and I promised myself that regularly sending things in for publication, putting that pressure and discipline on myself would be a logical part of a long term business plan if I really want to live as an artist. Have to put yourself out there. But, I push myself everyday to try one little thing different, try one little thing I didn't know I could do, and thus, my vision changes ever so slightly every few days and a few weeks later I find myself in another spot which may seem very near the last one to you, but is miles away for me. I don't claim to be rational or clear minded as an artist - I am as confused and searching as they come.

One of the biggest delights for me, opening this issue finally, was seeing Becky Bunn of Heart in my Hand's gorgeous work and article on 4 pages. Holy moly, woman! When you said you were in it, I didn't realize you were IN IT (!like 4 big beautiful pages! 92-95) I would have opened it sooner. Congratulations and you so deserve it - lovely, lovely, gorgeous work and article! The whole issue, if you haven't looked or bought it yet, is one of my favorites with a wide variety of stunning work from a lot of talented people.


Little Lovables said...

hope you feel better and congrats on the publication! I have heard actors/resses say things like that, after they work on a movie, they can't even watch it out of embarrasment/fear/self critique, so you are not alone :)

I love your work though, I so wish I knew more about digital art!

Veronica said...

Hi. There are plenty of tutorials on the internet about photoshop techniques that could help you out.

I know what you mean about not wanting to go fully digital with your work. The subtle textures and the actual process of physically working with your hands to create something cant be replicated.

Im also trying to figure out how to join the two worlds, digital photography and tactile making.

roc said...

oh i hope your dog is doing ok! is he?
love your page in the magazine. of course i had to buy it knowing you were in it. it's awesome.

yoborobo said...

I think it's a lot like not wanting to see a photograph of yourself. There is soooo much invested in a work of art (music, writing, etc.), and when we see it in a different context (out in the big bad world), I think there is a fear that we will be exposed as frauds. I'll tell you this: they would have never taken your work in the first place if they did not think you were very talented. They have lots to choose from, and guess what? They chose you! Congrats, Miss Marsha!!!!

Leslie said...

I really enjoy reading your notes on your artistic adventure! And I'm loving the moodiness of your new work!

Becky Bunn said...

Marsha, Thanks for the kind words. We are our own worse critics It took me forever to submit something,cause I never thought it was "good enough" Keep doing what you do best. Oh besides the Mother of the Year

Tace said...

I saw you in the magazine!!!!!! And by YOU I mean your art and it was awesome and I gushed right there in the middle of the story showing the pages to my husband going "look it;s Tumble Fish, it's Tumble Fish!!!!"
Super duper congratulations, your pieces are gorgeous, I think I remember the post where you first showed off those opera ladies, very cool! You should be very proud!
I think I know what you mean about "not wanting to see your work amongst the others" I have had feelings like that before but usually I just quit looking too hard at other people's stuff and try and remember that the first and foremost reason for making anything is because it's FUN. It's so satisfying, post boom-locka-boom when people are all Etsy-what? and Money-huh? I'd still make stuff, just cause it is so satisfying to do so and I bet you're the same sort of person. Because despite any doubts or fears and the downs that can come with selling art, making stuff is cool. And getting published in a magazine is supremely drool worthy awesome!!!!

katilady said...

i so get what you mean about your vision changing every few days/weeks and not liking some of your older work. the same thing happens to me all the time. i will make something, love it, and a month later come back to it with a different set of eyes and hate it. like you i push myself to grow as an artist daily and i think this is one of the risks of doing that. well worth it maybe, but i am hoping i get to the place where i can accept my old work for what it is and be less judgmental.

congrats on your publication--your work is awesome and you deserve it!