May 15, 2009

The Kathryn Wheel, fish, and awards

I recently had the pleasure of meeting (online) Kate from The Kathryn Wheel and somehow arranged a private trade with this talented lady. I find her work more than inspiring and rich in color and detail and I find myself spending a great deal of time in her blog and flickr losing myself in her beautiful pieces. You can find the piece she made for me on her blog at this post

She also sent me these surprise presents until our main pieces were finished and ready to mail. What a lovely lady and wonderful gift!

She sent a gorgeous ATC that I let it be known I wanted very badly (well, technically a different edition of the original that had already been traded but I love this one all the more) and some beautifully watercolored backgrounds. As you will see, Kate sews gorgeous details in many of her pieces. When you visit her blog, be sure to visit several pages of posts and her flickr to see a wide variety of her work and journal pages. I am in love with this woman's work!

I have loved her work so much, in fact, I found it very difficult to make something for her. I really struggled with this and partly from my own fault. I suggested we make pieces with a fish in them and that darn fish really hung me up this time. Finally, tonight I finished a piece I like well enough to trade. It's a little different for me as I went back to one of my old watercolored backgrounds and didn't cut off the head and make it bigger - even left the hair on!

She Loved Fish

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 5/15/09
This is a 3.5" x 5" collage using a vintage black and white image from and a fish from the public domain that were reprinted, carefully trimmed and hand-colored. The wings are used with a license agreement with Butterfly Utopia and the tape measure is from flickr's pamj. All were arranged on a watercolored background with trims from Graphic 45.

This is how the main image looked before printing, trimming, and coloring.

I don't know if Kate loves fish, but I do and I love that she was willing to play along with my fishy theme.

Recently, Kate gave me a lovely blog award and I have waited until I could share our little trade and feature her a bit to pass this award on . . . the 2009 Friendly Blogger Award.

I have to be honest a moment. My blog links and flickr contacts and other gallery contacts have grown so much over the last few months, it takes me several hours to visit and comment everyone and answer emails. I used to try and visit every day. Then I tried every other day and am now realizing I can only make the rounds a couple of times of week in order to get any of my own artwork done. I love, love, love and require the visits for my own inspiration and social contact so it is not a chore in any way. It just takes a big hunk of time. Besides the inspiration, it is very important for me to do this visiting because I know how much everyone's comments mean to me in my flickr and my blog. They mean the world to me. I am often overwhelmed with the time people take to leave the lovely supportive comments they do and I cannot imagine working without them. So, what I'm trying to say is this. I know how much time it takes away from your own work to cheer on your fellow artists and I want you all to know that it doesn't go unnoticed or unappreciated. It is often the catalyst for someone to keep going and keep trying. Some days, it's the ONLY reason! So, all of you that visit here and regularly comment, this award is for you. Please download it and say you got it from me . . . because you did, every single one of you!


yoborobo said...

I love both of these fishy pieces! What a great trade between two very talented ladies. :) You have a fabulous weekend, Miss Marsha!

Nettie Edwards said...

Great trade Marsha, I love the fish card with it's gorgeous colouring and grunge. Your productivity is inspiring - I'm finding it very hard to get going at the moment!

thekathrynwheel said...

ooooh yummy! It's for me! I LOVE it! Your art is so colourful, fun and inspiring. Thanks so much for suggesting the trade and also for your very kind words. Can't wait to receive it especially now I've seen it :-)

Leslie said...

I visit three blogs each day religiously and yours is one of them. You've never failed to inspire me!

Linda M. Cain said...

More beautiful every day! TFS!

Becky Brown said...

It IS hard keeping up, but I think about you every day, even if I can't get to your site. You are amazing, and your art is inspiring and evolving. I'm so excited for you!

Kim Mailhot said...

Love the fishy goodness going on around here !

I have been away from Blogland for a week and I am feeling so disconnected ! I agreed with you that blogging and commenting and doing your own art work are time consuming endeavors to keep up with. And yet, like you, I really feel that these connections have brought a lot into my life. It is worth it to me to stay dedicated to it in what ever way I can.
I am off to make the rounds of my favs now, trying to catch up ! Keep up the wonderful work Marsha, at whatever pace works for you. I for one, and always thrilled to know you are around !
Have a good weekend !

aliceinparis said...

What fun to trade and both pieces are terrific! You are both cut from the same cloth I think.
I am trying to cut back on my blog visiting too. There are so many wonderful blogs and artists out there and so little time. I get nourished from all I see and read but it does take time away from my "real" life. I have to find a system cause I do want to visit everyone :)

Janny said...

Here work is beuatiful, just like yours;o) I know, Bloghopping is eating time but some Blogs I just have to visit!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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