May 4, 2009

I'm here . . .

I'm just busy doing other things other than blogging which isn't good but necessary. I haven't visited folks since Friday so I know I have missed a lot with all of you. I'll be by this week. I'm trying to at least keep up with email and everyone's flickrs. All is good, just kinda heavy and big right now. A lot on my mind and in my personal life. All will be fine in the long run.

My background seems to have disappeared tonight. I'm not sure how that happened. It was my own personally made background. Maybe it will reappear again . . . I hope. How strange.

Today is my Kent's 50th birthday. He's literally "my old man" now. I am only 43 and I rub it in with him as much as I can. So, just for you honey . . . nee nee nah nah (with my fingers waving in front of my nose). I love you baby, even if you're old. You're getting distinguished now, like my beloved Cary Grant. And you know how I love older men. For the rest of you, we celebrated with friends in a combined sending off party for our friend Tracy who is about to leave on her 3rd tour to Iraq, God bless her, yesterday at Oz and Jolene's. Today and tonight, and this cracks me up because we are so dang old and out of shape, we celebrated with Kent taking off the day, watching movies and napping and a fabulous dinner from In and Out. Impressive 50th birthday I throw, huh?

I thank you for all of your recent comments and emails. The beauty post struck a different response than I thought about when writing it. I thank you all for your comments, which took me by surprise at first and then I realized how I sounded like I was so fishing for compliments and I truly was not. Just baring my soul a bit. So thank you anyway for helping me through this - you're all very sweet. I've started working with Wii fit which I can tell is going to take care of this. The last time I used it was on Christmas day and I have somehow lost weight and gotten in better shape than I was then, so . . . wow. Don't know how that happened. I am only about 20 lbs overweight as opposed to the 35 I was fearing. Wii fit makes working out a lot of fun so I'm on it!

Hope I have pix for you tomorrow!


Tace said...

Ms. TumbleFish, I am just catching up on your blog posts but I just wanted to pop on to this latest one and say YAAAAAAAAY WII FIT!@!!! Strangely enough I just hopped off mine like 2 minutes ago! (um, now you know I check my google reader dealie before popping in the shower...and before eating, before getting the mail, before crafting, before going to bed etc....HAHAHAHA)
ANYhoo, Wii Fit rocks! I have read so many bad reviews of it but I honestly find it really working me over!!!! Just like anything in life you'll get out of it what you put in to it. And on those off days when the cloud is blocking the sunshine of happiness it's comforting just knowing that you can trick the wii fit into thinking you jogged around the whole island by sitting on the sofa and wiggling the wii-mote up and down while eating potato chips!!!!!! ;)

Chrisy said...

Hey sweetie...your background was there lookin classy and gorgeous as usual...sounds like you've had a couple of nice days...and re the blogging just do it when you feel like it...I have to keep reminding myself that it's supposed to be fun and if it's not...well...I need to do something that is! And exercising...well I like to swim when the water's warm...and go for a walk...but otherwise no...a wii would just gather dust here...just get your man to take you to the beach a couple of times a week and you just just 'bound' between sea glass treasures! Take care honey...

kentboy said...

My love you are such a nut. Like many celebration days we don't take them to cereally. Taking a 1/2 day off and being a lump was great. 50 is no big deal just like many other "special" days. I got a card from an old friend that commented that while I was 50, I was 350 in dog years, but in giant redwood year I'm 3 1/2.

Marsh and I don't do very much on our wedding anniversary, but we tell each other "I love you" everytime we part. Everyday should be special. We need to spend and appreciate who and what we have.

Thanks Marsh for all you do. I want to spend my next 50 going to the moon and back with you.


aliceinparis said...

I love my Wii Fit. I have been using it daily for the body test lately but it helps keep me on track! A reminder that whatever extra goes in my mouth stays in:)I have been tracking it in a little book.
I love the balancing exercises.
Happy B Day to KJ. Fifty is nifty as they say:)

Melissa said...

Marsha, keep up the good work with the exercise! I'm a bicycle rider myself and I'm looking foward to doing it outside rather than inside soon! Hey my husband, Gary turned 50 in December and I'm 42 so I too rub it in that he has a "young chick" all the time! But I like older men too!

roc said...

happy birthday kent!! i just love birthdays!!