Jan 24, 2009

I must have an issue . . .

. . . with hats. I just noticed this morning that almost all of my subjects wear a hat of some sort. And, lately I've been slightly obsessed with putting something strange and surreal on their heads. I honestly didn't even think of it until this morning when I was looking through my work from beginning to end, critiquing myself, looking at what I like and what I don't like about my pieces. How strange I am. It seems to be such a natural compulsion for me to put something on the tippy top of my characters. I have been doing it without the slightest contemplation. I don't even wear hats. I look awful in hats.Maybe I have a secret yearning to look good in head gear. I wonder if I can even make something without putting an apparatus on its noggin. Now my heart is racing at that thought. I don't think I want to try. It scares me like the thought of jumping off the high dive. I think I will just take note of the issue and deal with it later.

Wait! Addendum . . .
I had already realized I have an issue with wings. Just mentioning that so you don't think I am completely in denial. I know many think wings are overused and trite, but they are important to me right now for a lot of metaphorical reasons. I am trite. I am.


Linda Cain said...

I hear ya, girl! I have way too many irons in the fire!
Please send me your address as I have a little something that needs a home, and I think you are the one to care for this little gem.
Your Friend in ART,

Kim Mailhot said...

I don't hink you should worry about your "issues".

Funny, I have been looking at your pieces all week and until today, with the lovely Maude and her ladybug, I didn't realize the hats thing. I only noticed it today 'cause that's where the bug hangs out. As for wings, we all have those hiding in us, and therefore portraying them in one's art work in a metaphoric way when we need to is not an issue but an artist's right ! Thems the terms I signed up for, anyway !!!

Don't change a thing..it is going in some wonderful directions...
Happy Saturday !