Jan 23, 2009

The quirks of living in Los Angeles . . .

Many of you know that my husband works in the movie industry so I have rubbed elbows with some very famous people in my day. But it's funny when you don't realize until later that you were rubbing elbows with famous people and it happens more often than you might imagine around here. Last night, while going through my daughter's hair yet again (long story if you're not up to speed on that one), Big Love had come on HBO and we were all too lazy to quit what we were doing , get up and go get the remote to change channels. I have watched it a few times but it is just not my cup of tea. I'm just too into House. Anyway, as we were watching Big Love, my mom-in-law said, hey, we know him!

And we do! He is the scout leader for a boy scout we know well, Matthew, who we just think the world of and have adopted as our little man and his mom who has been a long time family friend, a sister really. We just recently went to a Court of Honor honoring Matt and Mr. Miller was such an entertaining Court of Honor master guy of things that evening. I had not put two and two together until last night. How funny. He must look different in his Boy Scout uniform!

Maybe some of YOU are famous and I don't know it because I am clueless! (or I don't recognize you in your boy scout uniforms)

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Jamie said...

Does famous in your own mind count? LOLOL!!!! That's too cool. I am a cubscout leader for a bunch of wild third grade boys. Lord, help me! Love, Jamie