Jan 21, 2009

Sky Diva . . .

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 1/21/09
8 x 10 collage using vintage black and white images, reprinted, carefully trimmed, and hand-colored and attached to a background made of trim I created and images from nasa.gov manipulated in photoshop and printed on cardstock and vellum.

Another 8 x 10 done! Yippee! I might get the hang of this! But, I feel like I am cheating cuz I'm not watercoloring the backgrounds like I used to. I'll work back into that.

My fingers are sore. Not as sore as my toe, but sore. I have visited 165 of the nearly 400 blogs listed on One World One Heart and tried to really meet everyone and write something personal. The 2nd day into it, I realize I need a break. It has been so fun and wonderful to see so many great blogs and art and jewelry and pictures and I have already made one or two really good connections with people. But, my husband is about to go underwearless again if I don't get off the computer and out of the studio to get some laundry done. And, I need to pay bills, yada, yada, yada. So, I'll play catch up and be back for more blog hopping and art making in a day or two!

p.s. My toe is better today but still really throbbing. Life could be far worse, baby.


Tace said...

The sky diva is AMAZING! That's seriously really cool. I love love love the pod/shell bits you used with her. She makes me think of like Atlantis or some city in the sky or something.
By the way how cool would it be if we could just download the non-word happy impressions we get from looking at art into an uploadable format for the artists so they could just plug 'er in and get the full taste of what the viewer is trying to say. Because sometimes I feel like I over use the word cool when it's sooooooooooooooo much more than that and what ever words I am trying to say are floating higher than my brain and tongue can lasso in. :)

Kim Mailhot said...

I love this piece. I want to be powerful and all decked out like the sky diva ! Love her armor !

I felt the same way about the OWOH visits so I took a break too (Hubby can wash his own laundry around here though - I handle toilet cleaning duty, that makes us more than even !). I found your beautiful blog through it which is great but I think I am going to visit just a couple a day instead of trying to get through the whole list in the first week !

Glad your toe is better !Have fun with catch up !
Cheers, Baby !

Linda Cain said...

You have really found your thing!
The black makes your colors pop!
LOVE this one!!! LOVE IT!!!

Jill said...

Another gorgeous piece, Marsha! You already know how much I love the b&w elements combined with the colors. Excellent!!

Jamie said...

Ohhhh. This is my favorite!!!!! She is amazing!!!! I'm with Trace about not having the correct vocabulary to convey the feelings art makes us feel. She is just stunning. I so love that you used NASA images on vellum. We are NASA junkies here. Perfect! Love, Jamie

Deb said...

Totally feel in love with this piece. Awesome, awesome, awesome!