Jan 22, 2009

Queen of Arts Rocks the World!

Well, Kim of Queen of Arts really does rock! I have had a beautiful early morning reading through her blog more than I did the first couple of times I visited. I kind of skimmed over the rocks I would see pop up here and there but this morning I found a great post on her blog explaining the whole idea. I am all over this (!) and wanted to share Kim and her rocks with you! Here's the link: http://queen-of-arts.blogspot.com/2008/10/rocking-my-world-some-more-plus-rocking.html

Kim is just one of the very sweetest talented folks I've met through the One World One Heart event (you can see more posted below in the OWOH post). She is one of those connections you hope to make. I love her colorful and genuine (meaning you just feel the sincerity in it, the love she has for the world and people around her) art and her reflective writing. She speaks to me. She has a Hope collage a few pages into her blog that just makes my heart melt. She is the kind of person you just can imagine will change the world just a little at a time, Kim time. She rocks!


Kim Mailhot said...

Oh My, The Queen is Blushing !!!

Thanks for such kind words, Marsha !You made my week !It means a lot to me that someone who just found my blog would "get" me so well! You are obviously a pretty amazing and generous soul yourself. You have made me feel so welcome into your corner of Blogland ! So, so glad our paths have crossed !I likera You too !

Keep on Rockin' Baby !

aliceinparis said...

Just popped over for a visit to the Queen's Abode. Thanks for recommending her cute blog:)