Jan 7, 2009

Tace, is your tree DOWN yet?

I haven't heard the global sigh of ho hum that your Christmas tree has been tucked away. Do I win? (not with the rest of the world, just Tace world?) I folded up my tree, ornaments, lights and other decorations today and this evening. I even helped the kids rake leaves in the front yard - yes, this is leaf falling time in CA.

I did not however, get the white clothes laundered today. Therefore, my dear hubby is going to work whitey-titey-less, commando I think they call it and I am quite intrigued by this. I may strategically not wash the whites more often. Oooo la la.

I am going to get my hair cut tomorrow as is my daughter much to my disapproval. She has such pretty long thick hair THAT SHOULD NOT BE LAYERED, daughter! Then we are going to go watch her old high school soccer team play and then going out to celebrate my son's 17th bday. When I get home I will further investigate the whitey-titey-less situation, and may or may not do something about it. So, I guess I'm taking an art break.

Love you all!


Tace said...

Oh Ms. TumbleFish I think you have it backwards. The way to win this particular round is by leaving your tree up the lonnnnnnngest. Which I have just won, as it sits not 3 feet from me twinkling merrily still adorned in all it's finery. I WIN! The rest of the world is tucking away their holiday-ness whilst husband and I still revel in ours. Here's a secret, every night is Christmas Eve if you want....and if you understand there shant be filled stockings in the morning unless you fill them yourselves with what ever's handy in the cupboard. Cans of asparagus I should have thrown out 2 years ago and 8 bottles of hot sauce add an interesting and hefty weight to the ol' sock. hahaha
I actually did my laundry today, or at least 5/8 of it. I actually thought that one through, by taking up one load of clean clothes and doing another load of laundry and not folding any of it then I have done 5/8 of the laundry duty. Sweet, that's more than half so I win again. har de har har.

Alberta and Ava said...

Oh, you are so bad. Have you ever considered that the tighty whiteys could just "disappear" altogether? I'm just saying...

Anonymous said...

LOL I resisted commenting, because I know Marsha and hubby in person. I will never be able to look at Mr. Fish again without wondering!!!!!

JK Marsha, but he is a good looking guy.

So when is PJ's