Dec 6, 2008

Ehh, not so much . . .

5 x 7 collage, copyright by Marsha Jorgensen

A few days ago, I read a couple of Suzan Buckner's tutorials on her blog about art journal pages. As you have probably noticed, my work to date is pretty simple, not so much goin' on in them. I just love looking at Suzan's flicker - her journal pages are like the ultimate game of "I Spy", so many things to look at in each piece. Yesterday's piece (Kate and me) was the most complicated I've done in awhile and though it was carefully planned, it gave me a little guts to try "freestylin'" today . . . to not think too much, as Suzan suggests in her writing. I admit it, I thought way too much while making this. I can't control myself. I won't share all the things I was thinking - some curse words were involved. I did my best but I have to practice this a lot more - maybe it's just not my style, this freestylin'. Maybe I am just simple, just plain jane, carefully plotted out.


Jill said...

Oh WOW, Marsha!! This is wonderful! I really love the playful style and I love the star over the boys eye with the dots going down. It's a great piece! I love Suzan's work too...I coveted a piece that she did for a long time and by the time I got a job she'd sold it. Hope you're having a great weekend.

SUZAN BUCKNER said... did wonderfully for the first time. REmember MY first--I showed them to you..Yours is MUCH BETTER!!!!