Dec 8, 2008

"Gold Stars" or in this case, a cute pink square . . .

Texas Scrap Addict, who is just about to be published in the new 2009 Zutter Bind-it-All Around the World book as its grand prize winner, bestowed upon me this very cool blog award! I am so excited - for me and for her accomplishment!

So, I am supposed to nominate 5 people I feel are deserving of this award as well. I'm not sure I deserve to be in their company, but they will have to forgive that of me. I'm also not sure of the original intent of this award - I have seen it on lots of different kinds of blogs - but this is who I nominate this time and why . . .

1. Suzan at Thrifty Collage Artist for her never ending support of everyone that crosses her path and her humongous successes in the art world. She is just about to be published in Stampington's newest publication, Art Journaling coming out in 2009. I think Suzan has gotten this award before but she doesn't have the award displayed on her blog and she is deserving enough to get it twice if that is indeed the case. She needs to put this little pink square gold star up on her page. She finds time to email and encourage me and I will never ever forget how much she has meant to me.

2. Linda Crispell because she has the classiest, "top shelf", most interesting, sweetest, creative, perfectly balanced, picture perfect blog I have seen. She, too, has been very supportive of me and so many others I have witnessed - certainly everybody's Pal. A real class act, grade A gal. I have nominated her for Artful Blogging - maybe you can too and we'll get her published despite her humility.

3. Tace from All Kinds of Stuff. She is the 21st century's version of Erma Bombeck for me. Life is a bowl of cherries with her. Tace is a brilliant and very funny writer that keeps me entertained on the dullest of days. She has quite a nice etsy shop too, She is a good and supportive friend (stalker) that lets me be a stalker right back without feeling too freaky about it. I have nominated Tace's blog for publication as well. I am quite taken with her.

4. Cha Cha at Noodleroux. Let me tell you about Cha Cha. This cool lady offered to pick me up at the airport and drive me three hours to my dad's hospital because she thought we could have a lot of laughs on the way - that may not sound right here but the context is not the same and that offer brought tears to my eyes - it was something that meant a lot to me that day. Though Cha Cha doesn't share art projects on her blog, she shares the project of life, her life in detail and with pure brave honesty. She shares this with the rest of us and she deals with it in the most charming creative and inspiring ways. I am forever a fan of Cha Cha's.

5. Saucy at Bloggedy Blog Blog. I don't know Saucy very well but she has a very impressive blog that oohs and awes me. It is very popular and gorgeous and chic and trendy and hip and perfect in every way. I am not a very big fish and relatively unknown so I'm not sure she'll even see this, but she definitely deserves the award though I am sure it is not the first time she's received it.

Here's the rules that were passed on to me . . .
1. The winner may put the logo on their blog.
2. Put a link to the person who sent you the award.
3. Nominate 5 blogs.
4. Provide links to their blogs.
5. Leave a message for your nominees.

Thank you, Vicki! Woohoo!


ScrapAddict said...

You are quite welcome! And quite deserving I think!

Becky Brown said...

Oh ... Marsha! Thank you! I really, really needed this this morning. Your words mean so much.

And, just for the record, I will still pick you up at the airport.

Linda Summerfield said...

Dear Marsha,
Your generosity amazes me! Thank you for the kind words. I am all feverish and yucky and this certainly picked me up!
Thank you for the package too! The collage(s) is even lovelier in person and the little prizes are adorable. They are going in Gar's stocking. Thank you for the bonus gifts!!!! Looks like I've got a new collection.
Your Pal,

Tace said...

Ms. Tumble Fish Studios, I propose a toast *raises glass of fresh carrot juice and grins with a wickedly orange carrot grin* TO ME! hahaha oh, er..umm...yes and the other 4 Gold star sort of nominees. Them too, and not even a bit grudgingly, but enthusiastically! Thank-you very much, and if I were not just a wee bit on the busy side I would write scads and scads more here. Also If I were not busy I would probably try for one of those long winded run-on sentences that I seem to favor and don't actually *try* for at all because they just happen. If I were not busy, er...wait..or is it I'm procrastinate-y. I'm something that ends with a "Y" I know that.....
p.s. proof that I am busy and not just lazing around slurping down whiskey colas in my sloppiest around the house tree......STILL UN-DECORATED!

Saucy said...

My gosh, your words really flatter me. My head just got a little bigger, I think! Thanks for the shout-out.

And I must say, I completely agree with your nominees... I met Linda and her daughter over the weekend and I just lurrve them to bits! And Cha Cha? We're old James Taylor fans together, she's one cool cat.