Dec 4, 2008

New Geisha fairy . . .

Geisha Fairy with Blue Headpiece . .

3 3/4 x 4 3/4 collage using a digital vintage image and wings from and a crown from, reprinted, carefully trimmed and recolored by hand. Images are arranged on a two piece watercolored background.

I like it better in the matte so I showed it both ways. I am working on another piece that I will put in a new post when it's done. I wanted to show you some new digital images that I found. I ran across two great Etsy shops for digital images. So many places will sell you digital collage sheets that you can only print and can't resize. I found two that send the sheets so that you can resize them to what you need. Most digital sheets are made with ATC's in mind so there are a few images in the multiple sheets that I bought that aren't translating well up to my larger needs (you can see the pixels as they get larger). But, for the money I spent, I got a lot that work just fine.

So the piece above uses mostly images from The crown came from another spot that I will mention in the next post when I finish a piece using mostly her images. Both sellers offered fantastic customer service and a great product at a good price.

These are some of the first digital images I have purchased. I get a lot of images from various public domain sources and have spent way too much money buying my own photo postcards that I scan and reuse. I feel like I'm cheating using these digital images because there's not a lot of editing that needs to be done. I still hand colored skin, hair, edges, flaws, and few other places.

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