Dec 6, 2008

Tree Miscellaney . . .

Tace, I KNEW you put up your tree today (this afternoon, this evening?). I'm not sure of the time because I was busy decorating (not the tree - it's still naked but the ornaments are at least within 2-3 ft. of it now. I was hoping they would magically jump out of the box onto the tree but that hasn't happened yet.) Anyhoo, as I was saying, I felt a warm rush and tingly all over and a warm breeze blew through the house and I knew, KNEW, it was the paradigm shift in the universe that resulted from you putting your tree up. The earth will shake and shudder when you decorate it I imagine. We heard the sonic boom the other day when the space shuttle landed. I expect we will hear another when your last ornament is hung in its exact proper and intended place.

(we actually have this tree Charlie Brown tree too - it looks better than the big one)

As for my tree. Well, I probably won't share any pix here. I keep seeing everyone else's decorator perfect catalog color coordinated theme trees on their blogs and I hang my head. Our tree is the one with the funky, some are handmade with giant glue blobs, nothing matches, some are downright ugly ornaments that have been carefully hung and taken down and wrapped in mismatched tissue in a cardboard box held together with various shades of duct tape for 20 years now. It all matches perfectly to our Sanford and Son house decor I have mentioned before (have you seen the show yet, Tace?)


Tumble Fish Studio said...

Tace, I don't know what happened. I made the original comment. Then I deleted it and left a new one saying it needed to be its own post - sorry for being repetitive. I know how you like that.

Tace said...

I like repetitive. I was thinking about it and I think being repetitive is great. I like it. Repetitiveness that is, that's what I like. I think.
You have me beat by a distance of about 30 feet, give or take a hundred (I am TERRIBLE at guesstimating distances), regarding your ornaments. As mine are down in the garage. Not that this is a contest but if it were you'd be winning and I'd be grumpy...hahaha. Although some one, possibly me, has been moaning all week to their husband, possibly mine, that TUMBLE FISH HAS HER TREE UP AND WE DON'T.....
Charlie Brown trees are cool. We always had one, I think I knew about Charlie Brown trees before I knew about Charlie Brown. In my family a Charlie Brown tree is a tree that has no leaves, like isn't a fir tree. Every year we usually had a fir tree and then a big branch tree, it always showed off the ornaments really well and that's the tree I'd use at a craft sale for display purposes. We lived in the boonies so there was much access to branches and what not. Come to think of it we live year round with Charlie Brown trees here, I have 2 branches/trees up all year plus various other sticks and what not....I admit it, I wish I lived in a tree house..or maybe just a tree.... haha
I am rammmmmmmmmmmmmmbling. Oh one other thought your ornaments sound cool, they sound like mine. Matching? Co-ordinated? What are these words of which you speak? They make no sense to me. My tree ornies are a lovely mismash of cheapo dollar store, awesome handmade by my Mama and me, gifts from people and what not. When we look at our trees they tell stories, when people with *matchy-match* trees look at theirs they see "pink" or "Victorian" and even if I sometimes get a hankerin' to do a *theme* tree like "pigs in space" I never end up doing more than thinking. I repeat. Thinking.
I am gonna quit now. HAHAHAHA

Becky Brown said...

My tree is also a Sanford & Son work of art. But each ornament means something to me. So in that way, it's the most beautiful tree in all the land.

Because it's all about me. But you know what I mean.