Dec 14, 2008

Saturday evening with no wings . . .

We went to our favorite Japanese restaurant this evening - I am so full. Mom-in-law is mixing and baking Christmas bread. Husband is nearby watching "It's a Wonderful Life" which we usually only watch on Christmas Eve as our tradition, but we felt like watching it tonight too. I should be writing my Christmas letter - keep putting it off and have to do it soon because we moved since last year. This is what I'm working on instead.

copyright 12/13/08 by Marsha Jorgensen
3 3/4 x 4 3/4 collage on watercolored paper using a reprinted vintage picture, edited in photoshop and then further colored by hand and then trimmed, Dover clipart pieces, and trim made by hand.

I'm going to the Rose Bowl Flea Market in the morning with friends, rain or shine. Don't know that I'll buy anything. I have so much vintage art "stuff" and don't use much of it but the pictures and I really need to be selling "stuff" (like my 288 Oscar Mayer weiner whistles) instead of buying more "stuff". We'll see - it's always fun to look.

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Anonymous said...

I am so jealous!! I have never been to the Rose Bowl swap meet. Which is probably a good thing since I know I would spend waaaaaaaaaaay too much money.

Sorry about your shopping experience. That person is truly out of line. We can only hope they are just having a bad week, because if that is their life attitude they truly need a reality check.

Maybe, just maybe it is delayed in mail with the holidays (ya right), and you will get a surprise delivery sometime in the future.

I hope you found LOTS of vintage prints at the Rose Bowl to use in your wonderful pieces!