Dec 19, 2008

I think this will be my Christmas fairy . . .

But, I don't know. I still have a mess all over the house that may turn into a better one.

Christmas Fairy . . .

copyright by Marsha Jorgensen 12/19/08
3 3/4 x 4 3/4 collage using a vintage image from and wings used under a license agreement with Butterfly Utopia, manipulated in Photoshop, reprinted, carefully trimmed, and slightly hand-colored and arranged on a watercolored background.

I make my collages intended for a matte so I have to make sure everything fits in the window. I forgot and scanned it with the matte at first so thought I'd show you how it looks.


June said...

She's a doll and love love that background !!
Hugs J

MaryEllen said...

I just adore this!!!!
I am so attracted to the vivid color you use!

Enjoy your weekend before it's gone!

Anonymous said...

I love your Christmas Fairy! Although for the kind of weather we've been having where I live, her little legs look cold.... Hope you and your family are staying warm and toasty!

Linda Summerfield said...

Dear Marsha,
I agree with MaryEllen, the vivid colors you use make your collages so unique and beautiful!
Your Pal,

Linda Summerfield said...

Thank you so much for the weiner mobile whistles!!! It was so generous of you to send one for each of us. You know we would have been fighting over it if you hadn't! How cool are the glow-in-the-dark whistles? I have never seen those before.
We will whistle in the new year in style and give a special toast to you!
Your Pals,
The Crispell Family

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful blog you have! Thanks so much for stopping in to and happy holidays!

(I'll be back to, I mean, again!)


Your little Christmas fairy is adorable. Have a wonderful Christmas, Marsha!


Linda M. Cain said...

I LOVR her, she's just too wonderful for words!
Linda Cain