Dec 11, 2008

I guess I hit 100! That means prizes!

Wow. Words fly and posts fly. I had no idea. I was snooping around ZNE tonight and saw someone's blog-versary giveaway and thought "gee, I wonder how many posts I've made". I honestly thought it was like 60 something. I don't pay attention. So, I went and looked and "marie fixed" was 100 - how un-spectacular is that? I'm so boring.

I don't have enough readers for a BIG celebration. I love my loyal and cream of the crop followers more than they know, but I get like 1-4 comments a post unlike some of your 39 comments or more. As I said, I'm boring. So, anyone that comments this message has a very good chance of winning my little prize. (look at me begging for comments - I'm pathetic) So, even if you've never commented, maybe you're a blurker as I've heard them called, here's your chance - I'm practically on my knees pleading for comments.

The prize is a smile on a stick for all of those moments you feel you NEED to smile and just can't muster one up. Okay, and . . . , I mean AND with a capital A, a glow in the dark UNUSED Oscar Meyer Weiner whistle - still inthe package! Now, how cool is THAT! I don't have a picture of it and it's too dark to take one now so you'll have to deal with an ugly scan. I actually have 100's of these (and the non-glow traditional reddish ones too). You could sell it on ebay for like a gazillion dollars.

I think I will do a post on these whistles tomorrow. I digress. So, if you suck up, I'll put your name in the hat twice. If you REALLY suck up, I'll put it in 4 or 5 times. If no one comments this post, well, after a good cry I'll be happy I didn't give away two of my prize possessions. Happy 100th post, me! And, thanks to all of you that are hangin' in here with me! We'll do the drawing on Monday the 15th.



Wow! 100 posts. I am impressed. I also thoroughly enjoy your blog. I think you are immensely talented. I realize this may sound like sucking up, but it's all true!


Anonymous said...

awwww don't cry, you will get your fairies all wet. LOL I may give prizes when i get 100 comments -- I check all the time to see if anyone has read my blog. I will have to look at how many posts I have too. I am never good at keeping track of that kind of stuff

Congrats on your 100th post!

Anonymous said...

Love your music! Enjoyed your here through Thrifty Collage Artist.

Sandra Evertson said...

Well! A Big Congrats! And Congrats on getting published too! Your work is Divine!
Sandra Evertson

Tace said...

Happy Blogiversary oh mighty artist of the divine fairy collages.
Besides being super clever, arranging this magnificent blogiversary give-away you're super generous and a hoot and a half to boot!
(It's been a while since I did some major sucking up, I hope I'm not too rusty)
Lets see, where was I. Ah yes, engineering this celebratory give-away is the sort of genius one would expect from the likes of the super awesome Samantha Carter from StarGate SG1, but of course unlike a fictional character you make up all your own nearly get electrocuted with more grace and style than anyone I know and the panache with which you buy slim Jim's from a 7-11 is mind boggling. MIND BOGGLING!
hmmm, what else, I think I'm only at a suck up level of 7 and I was hoping to reach at least an 8.9.
You're super funny and your blog is so enjoyable to come and read. If it weren't such a busy time of year I'd be in a much more visible stalking/commenting mode.
Okie that's all I got for now, I have to go finish packing some stuff for the Posty Office.
Congrats on the 100 posts!

Cindy said... I too late? I really need a gitd OMW whistle! LOL. And Congrats on the 100! Cool. Hmmmmm, lets see what else I can suck up your work! Seriously. I'm not just sucking up, not wait, I am. I need that whistle! : D And that smile on a stick.


Linda Summerfield said...

100 already? Wowee!
Where did you get all those weiner mobile whistles? Happy to see you are getting noticed by the celebrity bloggers!!! I know you did a dance.

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Tace, you get extra points for humor and for remembering about the electrocution and going to 7-11 in pajamas to get a big gulp and slim jims - who else would remember such things about me but my favorite (somewhat-not-diligent-at-the moment) stalker? Wait, forgot, I'm YOUR stalker not the other way around.

Well, and Sandra . . . Sandra gets points for being Sandra AND taking the time to visit little ol' me.

I'm throwing Linda and Suzan in even though they didn't comment. They get points for their endless support. Heck, I may have to send you all a whistle. I only have one smile though - we'll draw for it fair and square on Monday.

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Ooops. At the time I left my last comment, Linda hadn't - we crossed in the blogosphere. You get double points now.

ScrapAddict said...

A smile on a stick AND an Oscar Meyer Glow in the Dark Whistle????!! OMG!!! (I had one of those as a kid! And, I gotta pix around here somewhere with me and the Weinermobile!) That is so totally awesome!! What an incredible giveaway! But more importantly is your BlogaversARY!!!! Yay!! Congrats! That is awesome....continued bestest wishes!!