Dec 18, 2008

I have to show you something . . . .

I am really slow figuring some things out. Assuming I have viewers other than Tace, I have to show you something I just discovered. Let me tell you some background. I met Tace through Ginny's Small Studio. I was immediately taken with her and promptly started stalking her. I am not a very good, experienced, or thorough stalker, but I did my best . It was her writing that took me in and made me a fan/groupie. Her blog fascinated me and I gobbled up the stories of her husband wanting bottled sea water and the search for the perfect dishdrainer, two of my favorite Tace stories and I shyly but frequently left comments. I wasn't shy long. Her comments to my comments were as much fun as anything I have ever experienced. It took me a visit or two before I realized she had an Etsy store but that was when I was still learning my way around blogs and Etsy. I was interested that she barely mentioned her art or Etsy while I practically begged people to look at my art in a million different places. I assumed she had a booming business and didn't need to sell herself too much (well, not herself - I mean her art).

Anyway, it was only this morning, sparked by something she wrote in a comment that I found her website (I had added snow to my blog and she mentioned that hubby added custom made special snow to her website so I went to her blog and finally realized what I thought was just a logo was a link to her website). What a delight! I mean it is scrumptious! Now I have finally put a few things together, hubby (maybe hubby AND Tace) designs websites (and I now know where to go when I am ready to actually have one - the snow is amazing by the way, Tace - that's what I was looking for). Tace's website is every bit as fun as I would have expected it to be, a virtual theme park of websites. Her art, which is incredible, can bee seen in such detail and in such a fun presentation. So you HAVE to go look . . . Now, Tace, you need to let us know how to hire your husband or at least give us a link to his website.


di from di-did-it said...

You are too funny! I found both her etsy & her website a while back, via her blog, via your blog. I've been checking in on her almost as much as I check in on you ... ha!

Tace said...

First things first. My hubby didn't MAKE the snow, he just made it snow. He bought the snow program-thing-a-ma-jig and added it to my site. He said it wouldn't work for yours though because it only works for Flash sites, which mine is. I am sure he could have made the snow as well as make it snow because he is a smarty-pants-website-guy! Making my website was such a hoot, all I had to do was design the "look" and he made it work. Lots of fun!
By the by I am pretty sure I have officially had more attention from you this year than my Mom, hahahahahaha. Which is a fricking hoot, and plus I can always *print* your attention and wallpaper the room with it in case my currently oversized head deflates back to reality size after all the blog/web love. haha
I will probably comment more to this blog entry later, but just wanted to pop in for now and say thannnnnnnnnnnnnnnks!
Or as the Canadians say, Thanks eh.

Tace said...

P.s. My husband does have a business that designs websites and would be happy to work with anybody who is interested. If any one is ever seriously interested they can contact him at
He says not to bother looking at his own website because it's over 5 years old. My website is younger than that! Clients sites and mine always come first, wheeeee.
p.p.s. Thanks again, you're too fun!