Dec 14, 2008

I'm not happy - I'm a little angry . . .

VENTING . . . Unless there are gunshots flying or near electrocution incidents, I try to stay upbeat about things, not so whiny and more about art than personal biz. But, . . . .

As many of you know, I invest a lot of money in vintage postcards that I scan and then use in my artwork. Well, I bought a particular postcard on ebay November 13 - paid for it within seconds. On November 28, I emailed the seller to ask if it had been shipped yet - it was coming from Texas, not Sweden like many that I order, so two weeks was plenty of time. I got a message saying it had just been mailed. I still haven't received it. Today, I messaged again. I got the most flippant response. It basically said that I am a flake (because one of her other customers was once), "(she) already told me once that (she) mailed it", and I must have gotten it and misplaced it, but the best part was . . . I "should check with (my) mail carrier". I don't know about you all, but here in LA, my mail carrier does not keep track of the 10,000 pieces of mail (mostly junk) I get in a month. Maybe I'm not leavin' a good enough Christmas tip, I don't know.

Next, she obviously couldn't fathom that I have our books (and we have a lot) in Dewey Decimal Classification System order - (honestly, I do). My dvd's, videos, and wii games are all in alphabetical order - I'm not as uptight about those. My husband uses me as a party trick - "give her a subject and she'll give you the Dewey Decimal number like that" (snapping his fingers) (and I can) (and we're thinking of going on tour with this act as it is so very entertaining). I can produce receipts from 10 years ago for every single thing I purchased except fast food (throw those away). I have all of my children's baby teeth in individual envelopes, dated, and in order. I have all of the Christmas cards I've received for the last five years in individual bundles in a box marked "previous years' received Christmas cards". I organize my socks by color and my jeans by brand name. I don't think I misplaced a single postcard I spent more than $10 for and was waiting to use (it had a fish in it for goodness sake!)

I'm angry that instead of assuming all of that, she assumed I was a flake. I advised her in an email tonight that usually the customer is right, just in case she hadn't heard that little customer service tip. And, I went on, I have no way of knowing that she didn't mail the card to the wrong person since she seems so incredibly organized in mailing things 2 weeks after they were paid for. I'm angry that instead of suggesting she would double check, she asked me to double check that I hadn't received it and misplaced it. If she would've said, "I'm so sorry you haven't received it. Out of concern, I double checked here, have the postage receipt, have a note that I mailed it, etc." I would have accepted that it was lost in the mail and too bad, so sad for me. But no, I must be a flake and don't know my head from my you know what. It might, just might be between her car seats as she suggested it might be between mine. (though I never take my mail to my car - not sure who gets their mail and then puts it in their car but that is not currently my way of organizing correspondence.)

I am feelin' F-E-I-S-T-Y tonight. Don't mess with me, sistas. Maybe I should go take this feistiness out on my hubby (if you know what I mean!) (I've been married long enough I get to be shocking like that now and then . . . and I think about being feisty so often - being pre-menopausal, 15 lbs. overweight, summer tan faded, and prematurely gray (and bad haircut, Cha Cha)

Now watch, the person I am venting about is one of my only blog readers. Just my luck. How many of you live in Texas and sell vintage postcards? (gulp) Just so I know for future posts. I don't mean her any ill will, I really don't. I am just frustrated. I've learned a bit of customer service do's and dont's from this myself.


MaryEllen said...

I live in Texas and sell Vintage Post.... ahhh Just kidding! LOL... I just can't do it.

You sound JUST like me when I'm angry, or get taken advantage of!

I've also just recieve a bad haircut.. toooooo short! just call me Butch! I am post menepausal, and my weight has kept up with my age...for every year, just ad 10 ehh 15 lbs?
I dumped the hubby a longggg time ago, so you got me on that one.
I used to sell on Ebay, till their listing fees got so rediculous!
I would send one last letter to the seller, put them in their place, and leave appropriate feedback, regarding the poor customer service. Things do get lost in the mail, but they don't have to treat people like their an idiot! now I'm venting!...and having more coffee. I will leave you now.
Oh, and I've added your Blog to my list of favorites!

MaryEllen said... It's 5 a.m... and I didn't spell check my previous post first.. forgive me lol.
I am "menopausal"...not menepausal. And I "received" a bad hair cut...yep I did lol
...just for the record.

ScrapAddict said...

i live in Texas but I don't sell vintage post cards. I've been very fortunate...only been burned once by someone on eBay. and, even then I got my $ back just on S&H. If you don't get your item soon. Let the seller know your next step is to file a complaint w/eBay. Good luck!!