Nov 17, 2008

Etsy peek . . .

Here's just a few of the little things I'm getting ready for my Etsy grand opening next week!

Charms using my fairy portraits (the one above is a practice one - needs to be sharpened up a bit), vintage ephemera of all sorts (and I mean all sorts - I have a ton), and other whimsical adornments like this little bottle of itsy bitsy sea glass found by little old me on the shores of California! I have plastic charms, wood pieces, antique items, and scraps of all kinds and lots more to get ready including some of the fairy portraits you see on the right side of my blog.


Nelly said...

Congrats! on your being published in Somerset and lots of luck on your Etsy store launch!.


Linda Summerfield said...

Those all look so lovely. I am looking forward to having a new place to shop!