Nov 25, 2008

I've been tagged!

My buddy Cha Cha tagged me so I'm "it" again! Last time I had to tell you 6 random things about me. Hmmm . . . I'm not sure I can think of 7 more, but this is fun. I'll think of some things.

Okay, where to start . . . I want to at least TRY to be entertaining. Last time I was tagged I told you of my button phobia, my weird toes in need of transplant surgery (I MUST be #1 on the list - who else wants new toes?), I don't like to eat but do too much of it anyway, I've been making collages since August, what happens when you google me and my hubby, and that I used to play on a championship pool team. So, 7 new ones . . . .

  1. When I was born, my tongue was not attached to the bottom of my mouth! Some would say that makes sense now since I seem to speak a bit loosely at times. However, there's no medical findings available that would explain why I repeatedly put my foot in my mouth. My right ear wasn't attached in the back to my head when I was born either. Both were stitched up and I turned out okay, well, in my opinion anyway. My mom says my ear ripped away from my head cuz I weighed 10 lbs and 11 oz when I was born and she was only 5'5". Poor thing.
  2. Slim Jims (Original) are my favorite comfort snack and indulgence.
  3. My husband never actually proposed to me - this is a long running fued in my family, 20+ years now. I'm not sure how we ended up getting married because I didn't ask him either. We knew each other 10 months when we got married in Las Vegas. I met him in a bar where I was bartending just before my senior year in college, the night after I swore off boyfriends in a pact with my roomate to really enjoy our last year of college fun with no boyfriend drama. I ended up having a lot of fun that year.
  4. I dated a boy for 7 years before dating just a few others and then met my husband. The weird thing is both my hubby and this boy were the oldest of 3 children, one's parents were Roger and Diane, the other parents were Ron and Dianne, and both of their long time home addresses were 1516. This may not be weird to you but it is to me, kinda parallel universe weird, like I came darn close to choosing the wrong one!
  5. I was an extra in the movie Disorganized Crime (a pretty bad corny movie - don't know if you can even rent it anymore) in the court room scenes. If you look really closely in the very blurry background, you can see my big hair. I was weiring a dark blue shirt I think. I didn't plan on being in the movie and actually was a bit tipsy that night. My husband was the dolly grip on the movie and the country singer Hoyt Axton had a small part in the movie. His daughter, April, was there visiting the set and we ended up going out while the men worked. When we stopped by to visit on the set, we got pulled on TO the set. I had to go potty really bad and couldn't wait 'til I was done. I think I got paid $20. If you rent the movie Cavegirl, my husband is one of the cavemen - the first movie he ever worked on. If you watch the opening of Hot Shots and watch very closely as they start to play football on the aircraft carrier, there is a very quick close-up of my husband as he throws the football pass (he got pulled on at the last minute - he's not an actor) But, speaking of throwing things, if you watch Forest Gump when Jenny throws rocks at her old house, it is my husband throwing the rocks in the close-ups of the house. And lastly, if you watch Love Field, I think I pretty much painted the inside of every bus, house, telephone booth, and motel room and the outside of the old junky gas station. I didn't get credit for the movie because I quit before it finished filming. I got paid $100 a day way back then! Someday I'll tell you more claims to fame(lessness) I have.
  6. I can't snap my fingers with my left hand. They just don't snap no matter how hard I try.
  7. I can say the alphabet backwards just as fast as I can say it forwards. Maybe most people can.
Okay, who to tag? Well, I only know a few bloggers and some I am afraid to ask to do this (don't know how they feel about such things) Let me think on this. I'll come up with some.

Edit to post 11/26/08 - don't know what I had to think about. I only have a few somewhat regular visitors. My worry is that some of them may not want to fill up their sites with this as they are much more professional than I am. But, we'll give them a go and see if they bite - at least they get a link to their site for my other 1 or 2 followers! You can ignore this if it just doesn't go with your blog flow . . .
But, we all want to know your weird things, so come on and play - it's free therapy!

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Saucy of Bloggedy, Blog, Blog (whose blog is too pretty for this I think but she is my blog goddess role model of late - man I wish I could do what she does)
and my original muse, Jill of Altered Bits of Elinor's Closet


Tace said...

The parallel universe, coincidence stuff is coool. My husband and I love stuff like that. For instance. Both our Mothers are named Mary. We both have siblings that have the same name as their father. Both our Mothers remarried, marrying the first man's brother. Weird but cool fact, only if you're me, we both were sleeping on a green futon on top of a mattress. In our separate houses, thousands of miles apart!!! We are both genius, as defined by ourselves, hahahaha. We have family name coincidences too. His niece has a son named Michael and a hubby named Jake, my brother's names are Michael and Jacob. We both lived in households for a while that had a ton of cats, more than the usual sane person's number of cats. Though we both do love cats we only have 2 and have no wish for a zillion more.
There's a bunch more, the sort of little things that seem like nothing except to the person who notices (me or hubby) and goes HEY! haha
Also we both technically have red hair, his WAS red. The same shade as mine up until he was a teenager. I've seen the photos, then it changed. Mine IS red. I think he gave me his red hair :) haha
okie enough sharing family info you didn't ask for now. hahahaha

ScrapAddict said...

Awesome weird facts! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Linda M. Cain said...

I'm honored! Just got all that I can get done for the hoard coming tomorrow for dinner! My one grandson alone could eat everything in the frig...a 14 yr old 6'eating machine!
Happy Thanksgiving!