Nov 20, 2008

Linda Crispell, Happy Chef, and Coke cans . . .

While waiting for my turn in the shower this morning, I will get a few things off my chest. First, I know I keep singing the praises of Linda and I promise she's not my boss nor do I expect her to buy me my desired PanAm airplane window as a Christmas gift, but she impresses me so. It is nearly impossible for me to post anything without her influence. Everyday, without fail, is another clever and interesting tidbit. I am now convinced not only should she publish a few books but I had the epiphany last night that she should really produce a television show on the most interesting things in life - things you may have not seen before and things you have seen but haven't been reminded of for a long time. What a happy little memory or sweet little daydream she can stir up in her perfect posts - just enough words and great pix. (I obviously haven't figured out the "just enough words" part on my blog for sure) . She has such great collections (which we get glimpses of now and then - I don't know how she keeps them so perfectly displayed (and dusted!), and/or stored when not on display so that she remembers to get them out, where they are, AND has the energy to locate, unpack, and display at just the right time - amazing to me, a goddess), she plans THE best parties, cooks gourmet, makes unique and beautiful artwork, and has a knack I have not seen before to visually collect and then display on her blog the world's coolest things and people.

Speaking of cool people, fictional or not, Linda added a picture of the A&W family to the side of her blog recently. It reminded me of something I had long forgotten, The Happy Chef. I lived near Missouri Valley, IA when I was a little girl and there was such a restaurant there at the time. Outside was a giant Happy Chef - not your ordinary unusually large restaurant fiberglass statue. This one had a button to push so that the Happy Chef spoke to you. How fascinated I was with that! I couldn't wait to finish my dinner so that I could go have a convo with the extraordinarily happy Happy Chef! Though I think now he looks a bit threatening with that big spoon over his head - like he's about to smack you one. I wasn't scared of him, I loved him. I guess there is only one of these left now, in Mankato, MN.

Next rant, I love this time of year when the Coke cans have Santa and sparklies on them. I am not disgusted as I used to be that Christmas decorations and music inundate us before Thanksgiving, Halloween even. This year I embrace it! This year I can't wait for it! The store bought gifts may be less this year, but never have I looked more forward to the lights and trees and ornaments and decorations and TV specials and baking and music and company visiting as I am this year. I love that my coke can brings all those things to mind (how blindly led by advertising I am!)

Well, it is believed by many that Coke-A-Cola invented who we know as Santa. Here is a link to their version of the story

My turn for the shower . . .


Linda Summerfield said...

Dear Marsha,
You make me feel kind of weepy. Thanks so much for all the kind words. Mama needs the Magic Chef now! If I had the funds our backyard would be a shrine to all of the giant advertising mascots that used to grace our favorite diners and dives.
I too feel an odd kinship to the Coke Santa.
Your Pal,

Becky Brown said...

I second your admiration for Linda. She is such an inspiration, and my house is a lovelier place because of her sweet ideas.

As for Happy Chef - OMG! We had a Happy Chef in my hometown, but sans the talking fiberglass mascot. We called it the Happy Jeff, so my brother thought the restaurant was named after him.

Saucy said...

I to revel in the inspiration found in Linda's daily posts! Her photos and decorating are fantastic... we are planning to meet in December... and I can hardly wait to meet the lady in person!

Oh, and I also lurrve the Santa Coke cans. And the Starbucks holiday cups! Let the celebrating begin!