Nov 6, 2008

Thank you, Linda Cain . . .

copyright 11/06/08 by Marsha Jorgensen
3 x 5 collage using contemporary pic reprinted, Dover clipart, ribbon, rubberstamping, glitter, and watecolor

It is
MUCH harder than I expected to make something FOR someone. This is very good practice, I must say. I really struggled with this and may take a couple of other shots at it before I feel "done". This "custom piece" idea makes me much more aware of the process I go through - it's hard to explain but when I am just listening to music and looking at a pile of pics and backgrounds, they just fall together. When I don't have a choice in the pic and maybe because they are contemporary images, it is very different for me - work! I am more comfortable using the vintage pix because I can (and do!) imagine stories about them and kind of see them as ephemeral (fleeting, transitioning, evanescent) somehow.

Well, I won't carry on like I did yesterday, but I'd like to thank Linda again for her support and encouragement yesterday to keep looking for MY art. It'll find me! I am going to try to stretch a bit more over the next few days and try working with some new elements. You'll have to wait and see . . .


Linda M. Cain said...

AAAHHH YES, this is definitely me!
Terrific job!!! I love the wings, they are sooooo beautiful...the old hag needs a bit of a face lift, but I can REALLY say I LOVE THEM!!!!!
Linda Cain

di from di-did-it said...

I know what you mean about it being hard to make something for someone else. When I made custom silk floral arrangements for people, I'd get so worried they wouldn't like them. You've got a knack though, and it will get easier the more you do, and the more honest, positive feedback you get. Cheers!