Nov 7, 2008

Things I've learned about collage work . . .

Part One
1. Everything sticks to your fingers and then gets stuck to the wrong things.
2. Your fingers are larger than they appear.
3. Never open a can of soda anywhere near where you are working . . . unless the spray from opening the can is the look you are going for.
4. Always wear pajamas while working in your art space - they're comfy and paint, glue, and ink go well with holes. You'll also be less tempted to run to the art store and buy things you don't really need - makes you thrifty.
5. Nice clothes have a never before revealed until now transparent but very apparent magnetic quality that attracts all ink from jumping off of your desk on to them, in non-coordinating color schemes.
6. Everything can be made into a fairy.
7. Time does not stand still, it zooms right past you at hyper star trek speed while you are making art and you will be perpetually late, under dressed, and sometimes under showered.
8. Not everything can be made into a fairy.
9. Some of us will try to make everything into a fairy.
10. I have a lot left to learn.


ScrapAddict said...

I love the list!!! I've "learned" a few of those things myself!!

ginny said...

Your post made me laugh outloud very early in the morning. Your list rings so true. Love the fairy observations.

Debra McWilliam said...

Marsha, your list is perfect. Thanks for the smiles.
Also, I know you were upset about your Blogger glitch for comments, but it's unique!
Who else has that?!?

Big congrats on getting published!