Nov 15, 2008

Working on a blog remodel!

No telling what you'll find here today - working on fixing the place up. I'm gonna sit with what I have up awhile and decide later if this is "it" for now. I was torn with which fairy feel I wanted . . . forest, grunge, fairy tale . . . this is a little formal for my grungy little fairies, but I like it for now. They need a nice fairy place to live. It may change again soon!

(I got the background from and made the banner in microsoft publisher)


Jill said...

Hi! I like the new background/layout for your blog. I did like your other header too. Hope you have a great day.

Linda Summerfield said...

Your fairies would look lovely regardless of the background.

Tace said...

Been meaning to write and say that I am loving your new blog design, Dark grey background with white text, VERY eye pleasing!