Nov 19, 2008

More peeking . . .

A few more things ready for the etsy opening next week (my husband is probably going to retake all of my pix - they're too dark and I WAS outside. Yes, honey, I know there is a "golden hour" (movie production talk) for such things - I missed it again.)

Anyway, I have lots of these things (like multiple sets of many items) or at least many things similar that I haven't gotten to organizing yet. There's more charms and sea glass too. I also have ready some big and little completely vintage paper packages with old Western Union Telegram paper, popcorn bags, milk bottle lids, coupons, tickets, labels, and more. This etsy opening makes me very nervous and has taken so much time from making art, but I will get to it . . . and I will get back to my fairies.

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House of Hullabaloo said...

I have had you on my mind. You know I love your art. Have you thought of making note cards? I just love all the images! I would love to have a set of note cards to use as thank-yous etc. And Refrigerator magnets!!!! I would love to have those fairies on my fridge!

I can't wait to see your etsy store!