Nov 30, 2008

Out of turkey yet?

All that's left in my house is a little darker meat - blecky - and a few smidgen's of this and that. I am still sleepy. Maybe the triptofan (however you spell it) will wear off soon so I can get more done. This is marathon time - decorating, shopping, baking on top of the normal rat race.

Hope you all had a safe and joyous holiday and are looking forward to the next few weeks. December 26 always feels so good - sleep late, stay in jammies, watch movies, and chill out. I love everything up to that, but the rest and time to do it is a good perk at the end.

Messenger Fairy . . .

copyright 11/31/08 by Marsha Jorgensen
3 3/4 x 4 3/4 collage using vintage picure reprinted, trimmed and handcolored along with vintage envelopes scanned, printed and trimmed and colored arranged with wings from Great Musings but altered on a watercolored background.

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There's a group on Flickr of fairy fanatics called The Fairy Zine--and a magazine of the same name put out by Lisa Kettell.

I think they would go nuts over your work..try it out!