Nov 13, 2008

Have you noticed?

This is World Kindness Day, right smack in the middle of World Kindness Week!
I know what you might be thinking. We need a day for this, a week for this? Aren't we supposed to be kind everyday all day? Well, yes, of course we are. But I must admit that I get lazy - don't always rush to pick something up for someone that dropped it in line at the store, or put change in someone's parking meter that's run out of time, or give my place up in line when someone appears to be in a bigger hurry than I am, or even rub my hubby's head or, . . . you get the idea. Maybe we need to make it a bit more of a mission or goal somedays. Maybe we just plain feel so miserable in these difficult economic times we can't think of anything nice.

There are lots of places to go to get ideas on tasks that you can do for others. The picture below links to the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation. It seems to have the most ideas. In fact you're supposed to be able to click on a map and see what kind things kind people are doing in your area. Apparently, no one is doing anything nice in California, so I will make an effort, an extra effort to be kind - maybe even beyond this week!

Now, just for humor's sake, it would be kind of mischievously fun to have a "Be Rude Day" - you know, a chance to let go of all your hostility and have an excuse to be that way and automatically be forgiven the next day. Okay, I'm not serious, just thinkin' outloud. (It WOULD be kind of fun though . . . if you knew it was "Be Rude Day" - if you didn't know it might be the worst day of your life.)

Okay, kidding aside. Go be kind to someone! You can come do my laundry if you can't find anything else to do!


Heidi said...

Is this my "Marsha," the librarian and art-colleague? Wowee, if it is (sorry, if it's not). Great blog and beautiful art. I've been thinking about trying to find you and there you are!

Take care,


Tumble Fish Studio said...

Heidi! My long lost! I am so glad to hear from you! Email me! I want to know all that's been going on . . . the move, etc. How did you find me? Yay - made my day!

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Heidi - I can't get into your blog so hope you come back!

Tace said...

Ms Tumble Fish Studios I am very glad you brought this "Word Kindness Day" to my attention. As I had been about to implement my biggest *rhymes with stitch* plan into motion today. Now I just feel weird about it. So I shall put my sharpened sticks and hand written insult cards back in the vault and save it for a rainy day. Nastiness and nasty weather go better together anyways.
I shall smile at a stranger today, and not one of my teeth baring *dare-ya-to-make-eye-contact-punk* smiles either. :) a REAL one. :)

p.s. I kind of think the rudeness day sounds cool. I'm not sure but April Fool's day may just be a thinly veiled already in place rudeness day....

Saucy said...

If there was a "Be Rude Day" then I would celebrate by being my usual self with my two grown brothers and it would be its usual shameful behaviour.