Nov 25, 2008

My Etsy is open!

(part of my vintage ephemera package in my etsy store)

I am still listing items and will be for a few days as I also try to make a few more collages here and there until next week. Then I'll be in full swing. I was up until 3 this morning figuring out how to list and downsizing pictures (and installing more photo editing software!). I thought I was going to sleep in but my husband woke me up at 6 something to tell me I already had a sale! Woohoo! A little non-art sale, but a sale no less!

That made me jump out of bed to go see. Then I felt a little vulnerable with pj's and bed hair like the people were in my store and could see me through the computer somehow. That didn't last long - here I sit, still in pj's, watercolor stained fingers, bed hair, and cold feet cuz I can't seem to tear away and get a pair of socks or slippers! I'm nervous and excited!

Hey, some of you already hearted me! How'd you do that so fast?! Maybe you love me so much you hearted me before I had anything in the store! You all are so sweet to me!


Tace said...

Congratulations On Your Awesome Etsy Store Opening!!!!!!!!!! See, it's momentous enough in my book (the only one I read) that I capitalized every word in the previous sentence AND.....wait for it.............keep waiting.................AND I used copious amounts of exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah!
Super congrats I hope your store does well. :)
smiles from me

stampsalot87 said...

all i can say is WOW!

just Patty Anne said...

It's like watching "Memento" or watching a 'true life' movie... You know how it turns out but you don't know how it gets there, and even though you know you're going to end up at a happy place, you still feel the ups and downs and uncertainties and shed tears for the 'real actors'.

Congrats & Hugs!