Nov 14, 2008

A little peek . . .

copyright 11/13/2008 Marsha Jorgensen
Two Artist Trading Cards using vintage pix from my collection reprinted, Dover clipart, watercolor, Distressable inks, colored pencil and pastel

. . . at the start of my new Tumble Fish blog/etsy banner/"logo" . . . I'm still waiting on the other two "pieces" to come from the Netherlands, no less, to complete it. Hope to give things a fresh coat of paint around here soon.

Have a good weekend! (Oh, today is National Loosen Up, Lighten Up Day among other things . . . like FRIDAY! Woohoo!)

1 comment:

House of Hullabaloo said...

Your art is so colorful! I love it! How in the world did you get those fish to stay still while you tied those bows?(just kidding) I would have never thought to put a bow on a fish!